Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Monster High

Meet Mistress Quickly and William, formerly a Monster High Cleo de Nile and Clawd Wolf. I gave both mohair roots and William got some mohair flocking to spiff up his sideburns and hairline.

I had a blast with both of them. I ended up keeping Mistress Quickly. Had I thought through it longer than I did, I probably would have kept William as well, but he is happy in his new home.

I'll have to do another boy doll and have one to keep. I think William and Quickly actually went well together. Right now she has a Jackson Jekyll, but he is stock and kind of a nerd :)

Right now I am working on 2 Blythes in purple tones. One is mohair. One is a Simply Vanilla stock scalp that I added in a ton of hair in different purples and overdyed some of the white stock hair silver.

I hope to have pictures of those 2 either this coming week or next, so stay tuned. Then I will be doing a blue mohair MH Lagoona.

I have so many stock dolls piled in my office, need to move through them and get them out of there so I have room to walk! It has gotten that crazy.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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