Monday, October 27, 2014

Rat Style - All Dolled Up

The Fancy Girls

I have not blogged in forever.  I don't know what has gotten into me today, but I feel like blogging!  So here goes.


I have been working for a month on little mohair animals.  Bears and rabbits mainly.  This past weekend I got the idea that rats in fancy dresses would be just the thing.


I knew I wanted them to have skinny limbs.  Rats don't have fat arms and legs like bears.  They have wiry limbs.  So, I drew up a long pointy nosed pattern and added in some skinny legs and arms.  The legs should have boots and heels, I thought, so I gave them that as well. 

Little Debbie

I have been messing around with traditional teddy bear making stuff - cotter pins and disks.  They make the limbs move, especially the head, around and around.  The rats should have movable heads, so I gave them those.  The legs and arms, since I like to pull them in tight and because they are quite skinny, I gave button twist joints instead, and put vintage buttons on the outsides of each limb. 

Little Debbie

The rats are between 5 and 6" tall.  That is roughly dollhouse scale.  They are probably a little fatter than most dollhouse folk, but it seems like the furniture fits them pretty well. That led me, of course, to look into making my own dollhouse setting for them.  


That will have to come later, as I did order a bunch of stuff for a roombox, but it won't arrive for another week or 2.  Hopefully I will be sharing that with you soon.


So anyway, back to the rats.  I gave them fancy dresses, which all good ratty girls should have.  The contrast is lovely, in my mind.


Fancy dresses for ratty girls.  I hope to make a bunch of them and then offer dresses for them in addition to the ones they come with, so that they are more like a small doll - with changeable clothing.  I think they will need other things as well.  Perhaps hats and maybe furniture.  We shall see what I come up with, but I am a little inspired at the moment.  It brings back childhood memories or little mice dressed in finery.


I have included some photos of the girls.  Hope you are all having a lovely season of creating!

Dancing the Can-Can

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Long long time ago - Or, Spring Is Here Hopefully?

Well, obviously, I am a horrible blogger! Egads. It has been nearly half a year gone by! I am going to blame it on the winter. Longest winter I can remember. Ever. No kidding.

The whole east coast of the US got deluged with snow and cold. We were still having snow the last days of March this year. The mood around here was one something like preparing for an ice age. We still have 3 feet high snow banks in our yard, and there is just a hint of grass showing around the porch.

All is well, though, it seems. We had a 50 degree day this week, so I am just going to say spring is here. It doesn't look like it outside today, but let's be optimistic, shall we?

If anyone is wondering, this winter I was busy making doll dresses and some other random fashions for Blythe. I am saying at the moment that I am not going to make any more custom dolls for sale. Maybe sometimes one for myself, but I have had a good run, customized maybe 125 dolls for others, and for now that is enough.

That could change, but I feel pretty good about the way my little dress shop is going, so kind of want to just give that a whirl. In the past I have done virtually everything for dolls. Reroots, dyeing fiber for reroots, customizing Blythes, Sad Eyed Susies and other dolls, dresses, hats, goggles, masks, original clothing, and anything that I could think up.

It has gotten so that I just have so much stuff everywhere. I would like to put some of it away and just do one thing for awhile. So, it's dresses for now. They make me happy. It's something I am pretty good at. So, that's that.

Of course, I can never seem to concentrate on any one kind of fashion for very long, so things seem to change day to day. I have gotten so I can make more than 1 of something, but not as often as would be practical. I am inspired by a lot of things, and usually I just like to do whatever comes to me.

For this post, I am just sharing some photos of some of the things I made and sold in my shop over the winter. Hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is bursting into spring madness and that in the southern, you are easing into fall and things are maybe cooling down a bit.

Stay colorful!



Friday, November 1, 2013

For the Love of Blythe Charity Giveaway

Photo Credit/Copyright: Yennie

Now that our book, Big Eyed Love has been out awhile and the dust has settled from Blythecon NYC you might be wondering, what will happen to the dolls?

Photo Credit/Copyright: Yennie

Fanny, Jean and I want to be able to give back to the Blythe community and benefit a charity at the same time. We want everyone who might really be wanting one of these dolls to have an equal chance to receive one We will be giving away by random drawings, 1 doll per month (except in April, when the blue gypsies will be given away as 1 unit) to Blythe enthusiasts who choose to participate by donating $10 or more to our chosen charity, K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distressed Situations) in NYC.

Photo Credit/Copyright: Yennie

The doll being given away for the month of November is Coralie, the amazing Vintage Summer Girl created by the talented artists of the Red team, who is also the first doll in our book. A random drawing will be held December 1, 2013 to determine the person who will receive Coralie and winner will be announced on Fanny's blog sometime that day. If you want a chance to win this amazing doll, please go to Fanny's blog to see the rules and enter for a chance to win.