Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mouse Color

"I had mice that I kept as pets when I was very young, and I've always liked the way they look. Even rats. I'm not scared of them."

       Catherine Deneuve

The girls are getting fancier!  I am having such a fun time with the little mice.  This week I made 3 mouse girls and a very fancy guinea pig, all in bright colors.  

Normally I like to use colors that are a bit more faded, more vintage feeling, but honestly, I think the bright colors on the rodents makes them very festive and just a little more fun. Who doesn't need a little pop of color for a bit of fun?

"All this is only for the mice and myself to admire!"

      Catherine the Great

Not really - you can get a mouse, too, if you know where to  shop :)