Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Rabbits, Rats, Dresses for Blythe, the Latest, I Am Behind Update

I am so remiss in this updating the blog stuff.  For anyone who reads, sorry!  Been so danged busy. Mostly sewing, sometimes helping my lovely he-man take footage for videos he is working on.  If you haven't seen it, going to plug him here with his Charleston duo gig, Rusted Revolution.  Hopefully will have a link to his solo project he is doing as well pretty soon.  He is working on a video for that now, but not quite finished editing.  So, with nothing much to talk about in my own work, other than just been busy putting it out, I am going to post some photos of things I have completed since the last post.  It's a lotta!  Hope your summer has been progressing nicely and you are getting all the creative stuff done you wanted!  XOXO - Cindy


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