Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year and Frozen Charlottes

There is a old American folk song, apparently in countless versions called "Young Charlotte" or "Fair Charlotte" or "Frozen Charlotte" that is a cautionary tale of a young girl who is very vain, and though warned by her mother, refuses to bundle up on a New Year's Eve for fear of wrecking her "look". Instead she goes out in a lovely light gown, into a snowy night, hoping to to dance with her beau at a New Year's Ball.

The unhappy news is, she freezes to death on the sleigh ride there and her lover mourns her forever more. Poor girl. Sad story. No one really knows if it is true or not. The tale has appeared as poems and songs and even newspaper stories.

This doll is my version of the poor thing, this time in her white silk nightie. I have already used the name Charlotte, so this doll gets the name Camille. She is heading to Australia, where it is much warmer, and perhaps she will defrost. One never knows.

Here in Vermont, it is so blasted cold as to be unbelievable. I believe today the low was somewhere around -15F. Australia sounding very good right now! Safe travels ghostie girl!

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