Saturday, January 19, 2013

So Many Dolls, So Little Time

I have done a bunch of dolls lately, and just no time to get them all up here. This doll, Gwynn, is on Ebay
this week. She is a Simply Chocolate (FBL) that I added some cool red-violet highlights into the hair framing her face, gave her a pretty faceup in wine and chocolate colors and gave her a cool rock star chic top with jeans.

Crossing fingers someone wants to take her home. She is a super photogenic doll. I took 20 pictures and not a bad one in the batch.

Here in Vermont, it is cold again. We had our little January thaw, where it went to 45 degrees! We are back to zeros. Eeep. Hope everyone is staying warm!


  1. I just love her. as soon as you make a new doll, I seem to find a reason to love a new doll.

    Geesh, Cindy! tons of talent, that is YOU!

  2. Well, gee. Thanks, Jean. Back at you. XOXOX Cindy