Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Slow

I think it's just because it's summer, but I am telling you, I feel slow as molasses in getting anything done. I normally am quite productive. Since we've been back from our summer vacation in the Adirondacks, work has been trickling out of me at dead-slug speed. I finished up with my dolls for the Traveling Doll Project. I'm still trying to keep the blog going strong for that. We had the good fortune of getting that project published in Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine and hoping to get the final photos of all the dolls so I can send those on to the magazine for a finishing piece.

In the meantime, I have been making doll hats, not as many as I had been, because again, I am slug-slow, but I have a few recent ones to show you. I have been concentrating on hats for larger headed dolls (Blythe, Pullip and full sized BJDs), and that has been working out for me. I was making about a million sizes, and that just felt too crazy, so, though I will make other sizes, somewhere in the 9-11" head size has been pretty typical.

Hope everyone is finding the wind-down of summer enjoyable. I can't believe it will be Labor Day in no time at all.

I have promised myself I will be more on this blogging thing as soon as fall arrives. The heat and humidity apparently have fried my brain :) Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!