Monday, November 22, 2010

Lady in Waiting

Still on the theme of Marie Antoinette and 18th Century styled dolls, here is another rag doll I made this week, which I am calling Lady in Waiting.

This doll is mostly cotton prints, rather than silk, which I reserved for the Queen. Like Marie, I gave her quite a lot of underwear. She has a pale yellow corset to match her shoes, some pantaloons, and a hip bolster.

I gave her a white silk petticoat with ruffle edge and machine embroidery.

She has 2 lilac colored print overskirts and a matching top with a bit of bling at the front waist, along with some lace and embroidery edging.

Her hair is done in a multicolor, multifiber 18th Century upsweep. She is available on Etsy for someone in need of a fun boudoir doll.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ragtime Marie

I spent this week working on a more spiffed up ragdoll. A new friend in Canada is a huge Marie Antoinette fan, and I was inspired to make this doll.

She started out with all sorts of stuff, including a hoop skirt, but it got so out of control, that I stripped her back down to just a white silk petticoat, a hip bolster, a pair of underdrawers, charmeuse skirt and brocade top. The color is more of a robin's egg blue, but a little icy, and I think the color isn't just right in photographs, but you get the idea.

I found a great handmade yarn with pearls and laces in it for her upswept hair-do. The face is handpainted. The cotton corset and shoes are sewn on and not removable. All of the rest of the clothing is removable, because Marie, you know, liked to change her clothes often.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tiger Lillies

We are heading too quickly into winter here in Vermont. Wishing to rewind to summer and tiger lillies. Added a couple to this hat. I kind of like it. Seola still pouting, but she is to have a new wig soon, and a dress, perhaps, if Yve gets out that old sewing machine, and I am quite certain she will be much, much happier.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Victorian Fun

This hat goes out to a good friend in North Wales. I was wanting to do something different for my BJD, Seola, and this is what I came up with. As another friend suggested, maybe I was thinking about Sherlock Holmes? Actually I was looking through a book on women's fashions from the Victorian era, and was trying to remember how to make a bandeau, which is a wired piece that goes under a hat that wouldn't normally fit the head, and gives the hat a lift (in this case, lifting up in the back) and at the same time holds the hat to the head. This was fun to do. I hope to do more in a similar style.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Steampunk Silliness

I've got a really fun hat going out today for a really fun gal, who commissioned me to do a Steampunk hat for her Blythes. Poor Seola is still pouting about not having gone to the Vampire Ball, so I put her in the hat, at the suggestion of my friend, Yve, to cheer her up a bit. Still pouting! What's up with that doll?!