Monday, October 22, 2012

Glamour Zombie Giveaway

Let's face it. I am overrun with dolls. I have boxes upon boxes of dolls, all customized Blythes, stacked on my shelves, all on layaway. I have more Monster High dolls than I need, in various stages of assemblage, and I really want to get them off the shelves. In the spirit of Halloween and new episodes of Walking Dead on Netflix, I am giving away this Monster High Ghoulia Yelps that I have transformed into one of the walking dead. Why not? She needs a home. I can't guarantee she won't bite. I will send her out after halloween to the winner.

The rules are: You have to sign up to follow my blog as well as leave a comment at the end of this post. Deadline is midnight on Halloween night (10/31/2012). As soon as Halloween wraps up, I will randomly pick one participant, who will receive this doll in the mail from me shorly afterwards.

The Details:

This is Leona. She has gorgeous hair. She is a Ghoulia Yelps repaint/mohair reroot. She's one of the walking dead, with a glamorous twist.

She comes with the orange/yellow dress shown and some MH repainted platform strappy shoes. Dress is a cotton print orange and yellow short-sleeved dress with orange tulle underskirt. Designed and constructed by me. Single metal snap at back for easy on/off. Her shoes are orange/tan/purple plastic shoes I painted to go with her outfit.

All custom work done by me. Her hair is bright fire colors, hand-dyed by me. There are shades of red, orange, yellow and tan all mixed in. Mohair is first clip and very, very soft. It has been rooted into her scalp and hand-knotted on the inside. It has been washed and conditioned and allowed to dry in long curly waves (I will include mohair care tips). Her face has had the makeup removed and repainted by me. She is done up in chalk pastels, acrylics and artist pencils. The makeup is sealed with UV cut flat MSC.

So that's the giveaway. Happy to have you participate. If zombies aren't for you, that's okay, too :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fun With Zombies

I took the day off from doll making today. Did some errands. Went out to lunch.

Played in Picmonkey with some photos I took of Monster High girls I either rerooted or repainted or both. Turns out they make really good zombies.

I am now in the mood for Halloween. Bring it on.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

September Girls

It's been over a month since I last posted. I am getting really bad about this blogging business! I have been so busy. I customized a lot of dolls. I cleaned my house (sounds like nothing, but you've maybe never seen my house!), which meant 3 trips to the dump because the flattened cardboard boxes alone were overwhelming. Most of what went to the dump was actually recycled, but it was still cluttering up the place. My parents were here for a week's visit, in which it rained the entire 8 days they were here.

I think they didn't mind too much, because they have been so many times we are running out of things to do to give them the Vermont experience. We mostly just ate a lot and hung out at the house. Not much different from the rest of the year for us :)

Here are the dolls I customized for the month. As before, I like them all. They are all different. Some really fun hair colors were in there this time. All client requests, so I don't get to take too much credit for selecting them. I did dye them all to their specs, and tried my best to work up the doll to what they were hoping for. I think I did a pretty good job.

Hope your fall is less rainy than ours. I think we are on the 12th day or so of straight rain here. On a positive spin, we do need the water :)