Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hats Off

I love hats! A new friend, Stella Pesci, who just so happens to be the mother of Edera Jewelry's ( Ivy, just got me thinking about hats again. She is a very fine milliner whom I think is definitely worth checking out: (

Check out this fun hat she has for sale on her Etsy site:

You might not know that I used to make and sell hats in Seattle for a short time in the early 90s. I had a tiny little business called "Over My Head" and it truly was. I think I had one of the best, if not THE best teachers out there, Wayne Wichern (

Here is one of his hats from his website. As you can see, he is truly a master.

Back in the early 90s, when I was making hats, Wayne was living in Seattle, and I used to hang out at his Ballard home/studio on Tuesdays for several hours with another friend, Sandy, to practice millinery techniques and just dink around making hats. One December Wayne helped me make a crazy green charmeuse Christmas tree hat. I had seen something like it on the cover of an old Vogue or Bazaar magazine, and just had to have one. It was a giant cone shape draped with the green charmeuse, had black netting hanging low in the front and red Christmas balls attached in various spots. It was quite a hoot. I wore it Christmas Day to the home of some rather conservative types and they were a bit overwhelmed, I think :) I wish I still had it, or at the least a picture of it.

The picture in my profile, was taken back then (I guess that makes me nearly 20 years older now -- egads, time passes quickly when you are having fun!) by that same friend, Sandy. We had a blast taking all the hats we had made and photographing ourselves in Lincoln Park in West Seattle. She made Renaissance hats of all sorts: Big jester hats, hats for a fine lady or queen, that sort of thing. I was more the modern fashion hat type. The photo in the profile picture is one of the hats I made with Wayne's help. I really didn't have many places to wear it, and it didn't stay on real well anyway, but I have always thought this picture was really fun. I think I finally gave the hat away to a friend's child for her dress-up box.

The only hats I have made recently have been doll hats, and a couple silly hats inspired by a fun friend who is silly and willing enough to wear the one I gave her. That would be Carol Ann Jones of Carol Ann Jones and the Superchargers ( She is an awesome singer/songwriter here in Vermont, and if you are ever out this way, definitely catch one of her shows. I don't have a picture of her in the hat I made, but here she is in one of her own:

Something about a well worn hat just makes me smile! Hats off to all you creative people. Keep on cranking it out!


  1. All righty...cindy...finally, glad to see we can stay connected...i think about you every time i see that beautiful marilym doll on my listing!!!!! look who's i need to update my own blog!! Colleen (from dollylama (mohair!)

  2. Hey Colleen! Good to see you here! I've got to tie your blog in somehow, too! You are the best!