Thursday, August 13, 2009

Filling In

I have been SO bad about posting anything in, what (??) a MONTH?!! Wow, time flies. My family and I spent a week this summer camping in the Adirondacks, got back and kids needed to be taken to the pool, to the park, to the beach, to friends and so on. We had a lovely visit from our nephew for a week, and again to the pool, to the park, to the beach. It seems like it is taking tremendous effort to get back in the swing of things! On the one hand it feels like lazy summer days, and on the other it feels like we have been quite busy. So, since I haven't contacted anyone to feature in awhile, I think I am just going to put up a few photos of portraits I drew up in the last few weeks to fill in.

This is a portrait of a lovely friend in Vermont with her child. I did an "okay" likeness. I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but I like the colors. I think they both look better in person. This is oil pencil and oil pastel done on white silk. I stretched it over a piece of heavy watercolor paper and taped it down so it can be framed. It's 11" x 14".

This portrait, I think, is a slightly better likeness, and I like the colors as well. I had a heck of a time with the guitar (which is a constant prop for this particular individual and therefore completely pertinent) for this, so kind of fudged it a bit. I am not that great with objects. But I think it turned out pretty well.

I like this portrait a lot, because of the colors. I think the children are a pretty good likeness, though I don't think the boy on the left is quite that "cheeky" in the British sense of the word, but I like how it came out anyway. I think the mom looks prettier than this in person, but I really struggled with it for some reason. I like how it came out overall. I think the boy on the right looks about that sweet, so is a good likeness.

Hope you are all busy creating lovely things, or at least enjoying the summer weather. I am finishing up a doll for a competition that I hope to post (though at the moment I am having a love/hate relationship with this particular doll) in a week or 2. Hope to be back on schedule by end of month. Enjoy these sunny days!

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