Thursday, October 1, 2009

According to Deena

"Things are not always black and white."

I was very excited to see late last night that my new friends Deena Maurus and Abi Monroe had put together a lovely treasury (please click on it to have a bigger view) featuring some of the doll artists from the Etsy team Art Dolls Only, and I was featured! Actually it was Deena who put the treasury together. Doesn't she have an artful eye? And she is one of the most supportive and creative people you will every meet. She was also kind enough to post my Dimensions in Dollmaking doll on her blog this week (I will be posting about that myself sometime soon). Abi is ADO's resident etsy treasury expert. If you need info on making treasuries, she is the go-to gal. Both ladies are wonderful emerging doll artists. I believe both have only been making dolls for about a year, and already they have accomplished loads! Both make beautiful art dolls that should not be missed. Please visit their blogs, where you can find out more about these terrific women.

Thanks, Deena. Thanks, Abi. For including me in your interesting and beautiful world!

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