Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mary Read, Pirate Bucko

I just finished my second pirate lass yesterday, Mary Read, friend and comrade of Anne Bonny. Mary, the poor girl, died of fever whilst in prison, but only after a number of high seas adventures. The story goes that Read remained dressed as a man and no one knew she was a lady pirate until Anne Bonny developed a bit of a crush on her. The misunderstanding forced Read to reveal to Bonny that she was in fact a lady pirate. The famous Calico Jack Rackham, who was Bonny's lover, became jealous and threatened to deal with Mary Read. To prevent Read's death, Rackham was also let in on the secret. At some point Mary fell in love with another man on deck, who had the poor sense to offend a pirate superior. Mary, fearing that if she didn't intervene, would suffer the loss of her lover, challenged the offended pirate to a duel. Once the duel was begun, Mary flashed the pirate her bosom. Her opponent was so stunned, he was caught off his mark, and Mary took the opportunity to mortally wound him! Good thinking, mate!

I started this doll with men's white cotton under drawers, same as Anne Bonny. I gave her a yellowish-beige chemise with lacy edging, and a blue silk bandana. Her hair is mohair dyed a warm dark brown.

I painted her face as I would imagine her, quite a bit darker than the first pirate I did. I like how it came out.

I added a black vest, navy breeches that are worn and ripped, some black suede boots, a red band at the waist to hold her weapons, and a black pirate's hat. For weapons she got a large sword, which she wears at the hip and a pistol, which she has ready at the waist. She is again 12" tall, all cotton body, mostly cotton costume. I put her on a wooden base, which I will likely paint black at some point.


  1. You did such a good job on her face, Cindy (and everything else!) I like that she's sort of tanned and weathered looking--makes sense for a pirate lass :) Did you embroider around the neckline of her chemise?

  2. Machine embroidery, Ivy. After all that beading you had me doing for my black and white Marilyn, I can't see up close anymore! Kidding :)

  3. show 'em yer get's em every time ...way to go Mary!

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  5. Err matey - she is wonderful! You know I always admire and wonder at your artistic creativity!