Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can-Can Candy

Over at my doll group, Art Dolls Only we are having a Burlesque challenge. This is my doll, Can-Can Candy.

She is 12" high, all cloth. Her face is hand-painted and she has brunette mohair locks. She has black net hose, cute little black silk shoes with a silk rose bud, Swarovski crystal stamen and green ribbon.

She wears a 3-layer skirt (white cotton petticoat, acid-green china silk underskirt, and a hot pink silk crepe skirt) all with flounces. She has a white cotton corset and drawer set (the corset shows at the top, as do her nipples, if you check carefully !!! This is Burlesque, after all :)). Her bodice is a paler pink silk crepe with some little silk roses about the waist.

The waist has a multi-color braided silk tie with fringe. She has a hot pink matching hat with a braided sash.

She is holding her skirt up as she kicks up her leg, so you can see her underthings. I think she is having too much fun, don't you?


  1. Cindy, she is AMAZING!!! Wow!

  2. She's beautiful...I love all your clothing details!
    P.S. I'm mailing your box tomorrow!
    Stella xxx

  3. Thanks, guys! Fun to do. I needed to get back to some color. All that historical stuff has been a little on the drab side :)

    Stella, I owe you money. Hopefully you'll let me know how much!

  4. Beautiful doll...really loving the hat!

  5. She is stunning!! I will have to check out the ADO site

  6. She is wicked! love all the detail, fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think she is one of my favorites, Cindy--love the costume!

  8. You all are so kind! The colors made this doll really fun to work on. She probably could use a sister :)