Monday, February 8, 2010

Traveling Doll Project

I've already mentioned I am participating in Art Dolls Only's Traveling Doll Project this year. If you haven't already been over to see the TDP blog please check it out. I spent a few weeks profiling each of the participating artists (which you will find in the January archives for the blog). There are some truly amazing artists joining in this year. The starting dolls and their stories are now starting to show and there are some really terrific dolls making their rounds around the country and some around the world.

My starting doll for the project is called Delta Dawn, named and themed after the 70s hit of the same name. I had in mind a woman who had made some unfortunate choices in life and had basically lost her mind.

I made a 12" cloth headless doll, clothed her in some fancy knickers and a pair of rainboots and sent her off to New Orleans to the next person in my group, Colleen Downs of Loopy Boopy. You can head over to Colleen's blog to see what she has done with Dawn. She has done a truly smashing job, and I am thrilled to say she attached quite a lovely head to my otherwise pretty boring doll. The doll, now with a LoopyBoopy head, quite simply, is beautiful! I am so happy! Next stop for Dawn will be, believe it or not, Tasmania! Susie McMahon of Susie McMahon Dolls a fabulous artist from across the world will be working her magic on Dawn in a month or so. Can't wait to see what she does! From there, on to Nicole Johnson of Mealy Monster Land, another amazing artist from New York, and then back home to me! Can't wait to see how these other ladies interpret my doll. Very, very excited!


  1. Hi, Cindy...I loved what you added to the doll from your previous photos! I knew you'd do something interesting with those fabric scraps (leopard bra!). You're a genius with these dolls!
    Talk to you soon,
    Stella xx

  2. Wow, that doll is looking really neat! I just checked out LoopyBoopy's blog, too, and it will be so interesting to see how the doll looks all finished. What a fun project :)

  3. Thanks, Ivy, Stella. I don't know about genius, Stella, but a girl only needs a leopard bra and you know she has conquered the world :) Wouldn't have thought of it if your scrap box wasn't sitting there!

    Loopy's head for my doll really makes the doll. So glad she did that.