Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Aliens are Here

I promised I would put pictures up of my little plastic ball-joint-doll, Blanche. She came to me from a store called Junky Spot in San Francisco at the prompting of my friend Yve, over at Freaky Little Things. I found her on Ebay relatively cheap and bought her, not having a clue what one does with one of these little goofy dolls. Here's how she looked when I got her:

Looks a bit like a cartoon alien, right? Nothing too impressive in any case. My friend Deena over at Fabby Dolls said it was an "awful doll" and basically implied that I was out of my gourd to pay anything much less $30 for this doll. That comment kept me laughing for a week, because Deena is not one to pull any punches, and well, when I got the doll, I thought the same thing really. But, I thought I'd give myself a try at this face-up business (painting a face or makeup on an otherwise blank doll).

I got out the spray (I used an archival flat spray, not the correct one probably, but it worked out okay) and went to work with paint, pencils and pastels. First try: Horrible. I was nearly in tears, quite frankly. Long story short, my Hujoo, now named Blanche, has been through lots of trials and tribulations. She has had 3 faces wiped off with mineral spirits, several different wigs, pictures taken until the cows come home, trying to get the right light, the right backgrounds and so on. If she was real, she would truly not be amused.

I want to use her as a model for my hats (my whole Etsy store has pretty much become a shrine just to poor Blanche). I have waited over a month for eyeballs from Hong Kong, only to like a different pair better, and on it goes. Anyway, I think she is finally in her last reincarnation and she is up for view on my site (and here). She is a funny little thing. Only about 12" tall. I guess they call that 1/6 dollfie (is that right Yve?!) and her body is a lot like Blythe's and Pullips and a few other dolls in terms of size and proportions (if you don't know either of those dolls, do a search on Etsy).

I made up a few fancy dresses for her in about an hour and I am beginning to think she is quite the thing. The big eye, big head thing starts to grow on you, believe it or not, and you come to rather like it. I have hats galore for her, all for sale in my Etsy store. Of course now that I have done one Hujoo, I'll probably have to get another. Sheesh!


  1. I think she's awesome! Having a Pullip doll myself I'm attracted to big headed, big eyed dolls! I really love the matching dresses you made too.

  2. You did a total makeover for Blanche and she looks beautiful!! I love the ats and I love the outfit you made for her - you are a talented lady indeed! Please be sure to insert the link to your Etsy shop whenever you mention it!!

  3. Thanks, Sassy. I am becoming a bit of a fan myself. The dresses were super easy, actually, so I am thrilled about that. Otherwise I'd have had to buy a ton of them just for photos.

    Deena, you're a riot. I love that you said she was awful, because I thought so, too! I was just trying desperately to get her to look "right"! I added the links for you and Yve, and my shop. You are quite a task master! :)

  4. Cindy:
    What a transformation! I love those big eyed dolls.
    And the sequinned hat you made amazed me - I had no idea that you actually made the hat that was on the doll you submitted last year to Dimensions. Personally, it was one of my favorites submitted and I kept going over to her and admiring her - great job!

  5. You thought I bought the hat? That cracks me up. I am a do-it-yourselfer. I make everything :) I used to have a millinery biz in Seattle and made hats for a couple years for people. Love making the little hats, though. Dolls can get away with so much more :) Thanks for the kind words!