Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Think Spring

Spring is officially here, if you haven't noticed. Here in Vermont, spring doesn't usually show it's face until some time in late April, but this year, either nature is playing quite a trick on us, or spring is a bit early. We have really no snow to speak of and we saw the first robin in our yard this week, signaling spring's unofficial arrival. The yard has just started to show a tiny bit of green, which I just noticed today. Nothing to get too excited about if you aren't from the north, but if you are, it is plenty to get excited about, believe me.

Whether spring is really here or not, I can't say for sure, but I am feeling the need for spring colors. Pale green is really my favorite spring color, along with pale blue and English rose. I made Blanche, my Hujoo, a few spring hats in those colors and I think she wears them well. She also has a new blonde wig, which she is wearing here for a couple of the photos. I think I have started talking to my dolls, which is a little scary. They haven't really started talking back yet, but you never know. I've been indoors far too long! It must be time to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine! Yay spring! I hear it is going to hit the 70s this week, which seems like a miracle to me. 70 degrees in April in Vermont! Unheard of! Can't wait.

Hope everyone is enjoying the first weeks of official or unofficial spring. If you are further south, you probably have had flowers for awhile. It's going to be some time for us way up here, but keeping my fingers crossed they come a little early as well this year. In the meantime, silk flowers on hats will have to do me.

I've got Blanche's hats up for sale on Etsy. Still feeling my way around there. I've been working on pictures, and that takes seemingly forever. Nothing is ever quite the way I want it, but it is definitely moving in the positive directon at least. I'm also thinking I will try to stick with fewer styles of hats and fewer sizes and see where that leads me. Pricing, well, that's a whole other ballgame. Working on it. While I get it all figured out, I'm enjoying dressing my crazy Hujoo, Blanche, in as many hats as I can make.


  1. I love making hats for my dolls, these are SO adorable!

  2. Thanks, Kaci. It is, fun, isn't it? Feels a lot more like instant gratification than making up clothes and hats for myself :)

  3. Bless lil' Blanche with her new face :o)

  4. I talk to my dolls too. I rather think they enjoy it and it makes them feel special. Love the hats!

  5. Yve, you're so funny!

    Thanks, Sassy. Talking to dolls is a bit eccentric, though. Don't you think? :)