Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bouquet of Roses

I love roses. I think it's one of the real joys of making hats. Roses all year around. Well, any flower really, but roses in particular. If only the silk ones smelled as fragrant! I just finished this custom navy blue silk hat for a woman I am getting my Asian ball joint doll from. She lives in MIchigan and collects dolls. She sent me pictures of hats she likes, and most of them had roses in them, too. She also likes navy blue. So, I made her a big-brimmed hat and put quite a bouquet of roses on it. It is for her CustomHouse St. Mina doll, which is a beautiful elegant doll. I think this hat will work out beautifully. Hope she likes it.


  1. I love these hats you are making... do you ever make smaller ones?
    Your photography is looking darn good too :O)

  2. Hi Abi! Well, I haven't come up to your level of photography, but working on it. I guess I do all sizes of doll hats. Have been concentrating on the bigger ones lately. All my smaller ones are at bargain prices there on etsy. But, really, any size I imagine, yes.

  3. I not only like it, I love it! Thanks Cindy!