Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lord Lawrence Pecok Gallamore

Continuing on with my family of eccentrics, the Gallamores, here is family member number 2, Lawrence Pecok Gallamore, second son of Grantaire de Grenfeld Gallamore, younger brother to Nelson Gallamore. Born in 1702. A tall man with green eyes and an elegant build, he wears his dark hair in masses of curls, streaked with blue-gray. He refuses to wear hats, despite the fashion trends of the day, for fear it will muss his lovely locks. He has an impeccable fashion sense and often wears elaborate, almost kingly outfits, preferring greens and golds to the flashy purples of his brother, Nelson.

Lawrence is an artistocratic playboy. Parties are his natural environment and people seem naturally attracted to him, especially fine ladies, with whom he is never shy but almost always moody. His brother Nelson often finds himself in the position of bailing his younger brother out of trouble when drinking and women are involved.

Lawrence married Helen Glenham in 1726, though once his children were born, began to spend more and more time with his birds and lady friends and was inclined to leave the dealings of the home to his wife.

He is a master falconer to the king and, though falconry had seen a huge decline in popularity in the 18th century, for him it remained a high art form.

The night and shadows are his favorite things.

Lord Lawrence is 15" tall. He is made from cotton fabric and has cotton clothing, which is all removable. He has a white chemise and drawers, a white shirt with frilly sleeves and cravat, a patterned gold, green and red waistcoat with gold-tone buttons, a green-gold patterned overcoat and matching trousers. His shoes are 2-tone black and gold. His face is hand painted. He is the perfect accompaniment to my lady boudoir dolls.

You can find him on Etsy.


  1. Love their outfits!!

    Best wishes for the new year Cindy!

  2. I love these new're amazing! I hope you have a great New Year, and I know we'll be staying in touch. Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous creations in 2011, too!
    Stella xx

  3. He's great, Cindy! He reminds me a bit of Robert Downey, Jr.'s character in the movie Restoration :) I love the direction your dolls have taken this past year--can't wait to see what the new year holds.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year--all the best for 2011! :)

  4. Happy New Year 2011!
    May all your wishes come true!!
    Best wishes from Poland Gabi-5mates

  5. What a handsome doll! I can feel all the charm he has reaching right thru my computer. So glad i found your blog!