Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blythe Jools

Having let loose the reigns on my crazy obsession with the Blythe doll and giving myself permission to do all the silly stuff I've wanted to do since I was 10, on top of hats and clothing, my good friend Amy Taylor of HingedJewelry has graciously supplied me with jools for my Blythe girls and for my shop. I am very excited to be collaborating (if you can call it that - she makes the stuff and I have it at my house - so my part is mostly just admiration) with Amy, because she is totally groovy gal, she's funny and fun, and she makes fabulous jewelry. I know, because besides little pretties for Blythe, she sent me 2 big things for myself over Christmas this past year, and I could barely shut up for a month.

If you want real jewelry for real people, by an award-winning silversmith/jeweler/artist, check out her shop. If you want real jewelry for your Blythe doll, check out my shop. These first pieces are hand-forged brass, which means they are made from scratch. They look like gold to me. She does everything herself. You won't be able to find anything like this anywhere else. They are stunning pieces no Blythe should be without. She sent me quite a few, but I snagged one of everything she sent for myself :)

At this point, Amy is just warming up. So keep that in mind and check in often. I think you are going to see some pretty fabulous things for dolls in the way of baubles and jools from now on. I'll be keeping you posted.


  1. Wait...have you unveiled your new tie-dye line yet? OooooOOoooo, Cindy...I'm lovin' what you're doing, and so happy to be working with you and the girls!

  2. That's awesome, haven't checked out your hats in a while, they're great too. Love the giant top hat :)

  3. Thanks, Kaci! I haven't made any hats in a month or so. I have some doll clothes I am doing and I guess I am all over the place! Crazy. Will pop over to see what you are up to. - Cidy