Sunday, May 22, 2011

Libby Libby

I finally finished my second custom black Blythe doll yesterday. I don't know where the time goes! I had intended to finish if awhile ago, but then I got busy, well, doing nothing actually. If you don't count spending probably 3 weeks on my butt playing a video game I am apparently addicted to (Rune Factory 3). Not to worry. I beat all the bosses in that, so life can resume.

The truth is, several times a year I find myself with pretty much zero creative inspiration. What that usually results in is me sitting around flipping channels or playing video games for a couple weeks while waiting for something useful to pop into my head. This time, it's Manga. After playing my Manga video game, well, I have an endless stream of Manga cartoon characters running through my head. Hopefully it will come out in my dolls one way or the other.

But in the meantime, here's Libby. She's a Blythe head I sprayed with vinyl spray paint in a darker shade of brown than last time. I like the color a lot. I put her on a Hujoo body, same as last doll, because, well, I never did get the stickyness out of the Takara body I sprayed. Drove me up a wall for a week and I just said, forget it. Use what you know. So back to the Hujoo body. I think this is going to be my last spray painted Blythe. Too much work with all the pieces, frankly. I really like how she came out, but 2 spray painted dolls is plenty for anyone I imagine. Her hair is mohair I rooted on, again, a Cool Cat scalp. I dyed her hair a bunch of berry shades - sort of raspberry, blueberry, boysenberry. I like how it turned out.

Her eye chips are all handpainted by me. I used a variety of nail polish acrylics because they had cool sparkly things in them, and that's what I wanted. Hope everyone is having a lovely spring and getting some sun (we are eeking by with our once every 7 day dose).


  1. You have COMPLETELY outdone yourself, Cindy. I see you already have an inquirey on your flickr account as to the purchase of Libby! Of course I KNOW she's not going anywhere because she's SO BEAUTIFUL! Hair, faceup,'ve really done an outstanding job. She's gorgeous!

  2. They both came out great! I've wanted to do this too but all the work involved just turned me off.

  3. Thanks, guys!

    It's not super hard, Sassy, if you avoid the pitfalls. I think the Pure Neemo bodies, the Obitsu bodies and the Hujoo bodies are a lot easier to paint than the Takara body, which gets sticky to no end. It's just a matter of taking all the pieces apart and putting back together. Re-stringing the Hujoo is easy. Spraying all the pieces is just time consuming :)

  4. I hear ya... Sometimes I get stuck too and have to wait till my muse comes back from wherever she hides :o) And some other times I am in an overload of creativity that I feel I will explode hahaha
    I love all the colorings of your dolls, that hair looks great.
    I hopy by now you have more sun? We were 102 yesterday... a bit too much I'd say :oS
    This is my new doll blog by the way.... I finally moved my dol stuff from my painting blog :o)