Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heart Shaped World

I just love the colors pink and red. They remind me of love and hearts and all that good stuff. Sweet things, too. Chocolate covered cherries - love em! Little pink cupcakes - love em!

I just finished these 2 fun little sets for a couple of friends who have joined me in helping with something I had been thinking of. Both outfits are pretty much the same, but one is pink and one is red. They have a hand-dyed crushed velvet bodice, with silk underskirts and a tulle overskirt. Both comes with funny wool felt hats and a pouf. I also made them crushed velvet carpet bags, but forgot to put them in the photos, so they will be a surprise.

My 2 dolls, Little Jeany and Ivy, are having fun wearing the costumes and will be sad to see them go. I think they look really cute in these. I love this funny little doll stuff. Just keeps me so amused. Hope you are having a great day!

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