Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aye Calypso

This is Calypso, Sea Goddess, captor and lover of Odysseus. This is a OOAK Blythe collaboration doll between me and Amy Taylor

She was a really fun doll to do. She was originally a Simply Lilac. I gave her a mohair reroot in about 5 different shades of blue, green and black. She has a velvet gown that is halter styled and drops down over the hips in a frond-like pattern, bellowing out in voluminous blue and green tulle.

Her jewels are by Amy. She has a sterling silver trident, a fish armband, and a crown with 2 shades of fresh water pearls. Her pull charms are sea glass and silver with pearl. She has a silver-plate caviar dish throne with lime green velvet beaded cushions.

She left today to be her new owner. Aye, aye, Calypso. Gentle seas.


  1. This doll is freaking "Precious" wonder how you got hooked!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE .....HOLY LOVE her green velvet dress with tool and her mermaidy headpiece...very creative..I have so much wire...keep buying it in different colors and dont know why I'm buying it!! ha ha ...oooohh I hope I dont "steal" this !!!! haha love your famous work!!!! Colleen

  2. Thank you, ladies. Fun doll. I almost didn't part with her :)

  3. love the hair i want mine like that too

  4. These dolls are really looks Gorgas and whatever they using the Fresh Water Pearls are very beautifully decorated...thanks for this..