Saturday, April 7, 2012

She Beasts

I recently got the idea that fairies in the wild would be a fun image for Blythe. I have been doing wild mohair roots for awhile, and my dolls seem to be changing to that hairstyle.

I really love the mohair more than I love the stock hair (that wasn't always the case), and slowly I am making headway and have a few dolls with the wild hair that I love. I especially love the red tones on the dolls. While thinking about fairies, I think the fairy dust got to me and I decided that what a real fairy needs is a woodland convention, and that all fairies should don masks.

So, I set to making some masks for a few photos I wanted to take in the woods. I actually made quite a few, and got some pictures that I think are really fun. The masks are now up for sale on my Etsy, and I am busy making some fairy Blythes for more photos. I am thinking I may even sell some of the OOAK fairy Blythes in the store, because at the moment I have become overrun with dolls.

With my project with my friend Jean (she sends me 2 dolls, I remake them both and send her back 1) I have accumulated quite a few dolls in a really short time. Where to store them all has become an issue. Some days feel like I will never have enough Blythes, and other days I throw my hands up and say, "what will I do with all this stuff that goes with them?"

It has become a bit of an addiction, which is new to me. I have never collected anything in my life.

The doll shown here is Briar. I love her. I sometimes think I cannot part with her. She may wind up in my store, though, as I think she is the style of doll I want to create and I will do more that are similar in style to her. I like the hair, the face, and she really does seem like a tiny woodland being to me. She wears the masks well.

The Blythes have gotten to me, and they are piling up. Look for fairy dolls in the store within a week or so, and in the meantime, enjoy these funny pictures of fairies gone wild.

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