Thursday, August 9, 2012

Custom Blythe Dolls

I have been so busy, I am lagging terribly on this blog. I think for this post I will just put pictures up of the custom Blythes I finished in the month of July.

First up, my red/orange haired girl. I named her October Sky, or Tobey, after the beautiful maple tree that has shocking red leaves. I finished her in early July and had worked on her hair while on a family vacation camping. Sitting in my camp chair, I am sure I looked really strange pulling shocking red and orange mohair through a plastic scalp.

Next up is Rowan. She is an FBL mold, which I think is more innocent looking than the RBL mold. She has gorgeous black mohair that is shorter than most of the curly hair I do, and is more face-framing. She was the first dark haired girl I have done.

She went to live in NYC. She's going to love it there with her new owner. Rowan is a sweet girl with a dramatic flare, probably a lot like the woman who owns her.

Next is Hunter, a really dramatic bit of green mohair in so many shades, I forgot to count.

I was really uncertain how the hair would turn out when I was asked to do shades of forest green. I couldn't figure out what color "forest" was, so I decided to put in the whole forest.

Next is Auralie. She is a dark skinned Blythe on a Pure Neemo Flection body. She took quite a bit of work in order to get her neck modified so it won't detach from her head, and just to get the paint right. I was really happy with how she came out.

She got special pullcharms from my friend Jean Yates which are totally special and just really make her a piece of art.

Finally, last doll done in the month of July was Olivia. Another dark haired girl. This time black with purple highlights. Another FBL mold. I find her to be quite lovely.

I love the drama of the dark hair with the pale skin and purple makeup. FBLs may be one of my favorite molds customized. There is a sweetness in the face that I just love.

So that's my month's work all packed into one blog post. Hope everyone is having a lovely August. I hope to post a couple more times before August is over, but if history means anything, I may be being more optimistic than practical. Hope you are enjoying sunshine and good times!


  1. I ADORE your dolls and consider each one a
    full on masterpiece of beauty , comprehension of what Blythe is, and full on art doll aethetics. In one word the are GREAT.
    jean xox

  2. Cindy these beautiful creations of yours just take my breath away, & to think I will soon be Blessed with an original Cindy Sower dolly of my own here in Australia, yahhh

  3. Well, Jean, that's kind of gushing! Thank you! I put a link in for your blog, since I had forgotten to do that, and one in today's post, because dolls were wearing your earrings and necklace! Thankyou, thankyou!

  4. Thankyou, Pansy. Going to put your doll together today and photograph before I glue down her scalp. If it doesn't keep raining. Crazy August weather!