Thursday, September 6, 2012

Girls of August

August came and went so quickly! I wish it hadn't, but it did. We are still having nice weather here in Vermont in early September, but nights are cooler and we all know what comes next.

I got a lot done in the month of August. I did 4 custom Blythe dolls, which I am showing here. I made a lot of dresses, some hats, and generally my doll world is again piling up with boxes and bags and a whole lot of stuff.

So, without further blather, here are the dolls I made in the final month of summer. All are a little different, all were done at the request of clients, to their color specs. I like them all. I don't even think I have a favorite. They all have really good hair. What more can a doll want? :)

First doll is a reddish blonde girl. Her name is Elizabeth. She can take the heat and has moved to sunny Arizona.

Next up is Shelby. She has a multitude of browns, golds and reds in her hair. She has moved to the seaside in Australia and I am sure is quite happy there.

Third doll of the month was Layla. She is a cocoa skinned girl with mahogany hair. She is on a Pure Neemo body so is a little bit more flexible than the average Blythe doll. The darker skinned girls don't work very well on the usual Takara body. The paint tends to make them sticky, so Azone Pure Neemo's do the trick. About as dark as Takara will take the Blythe doll is just a light tan. At least so far. Layla goes to NYC, where all stylish gals reside. She will be very happy there.

Finally, Miss Delayna. She is a wild girl with wild hair. I don't know how many colors and shades are in there, but primarily greens and blues. There is a hint of yellow and some black underneath. She looks to be rising from the sea. She will live in Texas, but lucky her, close to the water, which she loves.

Hope the fall season is good to you. Hope we all get some much needed rain, at least in these parts.


  1. they all look so adorable I do not know which one I like the best, just like you!!! xox jean

  2. Thank you, Jean! Something interesting has happened, and that is that when the client chooses the colors, especially the hair colors, I am creating things I might not have thought up on my own, and it is as much of a surprise for me as it is for them what comes out of it. The month of September will be full of even more surprises for me, and again, I would have a hard time choosing a favorite.

  3. Your dolls are so beautiful, lovely and femme.
    I love Elizabeth and Layla, prob. 'cause my
    hair is like Elizabeth and my complexion more
    like Layla.

    You are very talented.