Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sad Eyed Girl

You know I love technology. I love all the things you can do these days. I was trying to remember when I did not have internet. My husband and I talk about that a lot - like what did we do without the internet?! Oh sure, we were coffeehouse crashers. We spent a lot of time drinking coffee, people-watching and discussing our big ideas. We still do that, but now we bring our smart phones and look up interesting things as we go.

So now it seems we can make our own books, too. How cool is that?! I love it. I have been in the process of a book project with my friends Jean and Fanny, putting together 50 or so artists to customize Blythe dolls in collaborative teams. The making of the dolls portion is coming to a close and we are now at the photography stage. The project has been going on for nearly a year. In the meantime, the 3 of us have been gathering data on how to make a book of the whole affair. After all, we want other people to be able to join in on the fun, at least vicariously.

This weekend I gave a try at bookmaking over at Blurb. I had spent an hour or so taking photos of my Sad Eyes doll collection that I have been working away at this month. I loved how the photos came out, so decided that would be my subject matter for my first go at bookmaking. Sitting at the computer for 3 hours or so editing text and photos late last night led to a 26-page little book, full color, that I can now call my own.

Even you can have a copy if you want, or better yet, go make your own book. It's really fun. You will be a little bleary-eyed afterwards, but think of how proud you will feel, being a published author!

The books are not inexpensive, since they are printed out 1 at a time (unless you are on the volume plan), but you can make a tiny book for $12 or so. My book is bigger, 10 x 8, and full color, so I think in the mid $20-range. You can search google and find promotional codes for blurb, and that will take down the price maybe as much as 25%. That's what I did. I bought a copy. Actually I bought a defective copy, since I had failed to proofread well and had some typos and didn't realize until it was too late. The new "revised" version (already a revised version! :) ) is proofed and edited. I didn't realize that once you upload the book (they give you free software where you work at your on PC) you can't make changes. Or at least I think you can't. I couldn't figure out how in any case.

Word to the wise - make sure your book is perfect before you upload. After that, you have to pay. Other than that, they make it pretty easy, even for those who love technology but aren't that great at commandeering it, like me :)

Go ahead, give it a try! You will be glad you did.

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