Saturday, April 5, 2014

Long long time ago - Or, Spring Is Here Hopefully?

Well, obviously, I am a horrible blogger! Egads. It has been nearly half a year gone by! I am going to blame it on the winter. Longest winter I can remember. Ever. No kidding.

The whole east coast of the US got deluged with snow and cold. We were still having snow the last days of March this year. The mood around here was one something like preparing for an ice age. We still have 3 feet high snow banks in our yard, and there is just a hint of grass showing around the porch.

All is well, though, it seems. We had a 50 degree day this week, so I am just going to say spring is here. It doesn't look like it outside today, but let's be optimistic, shall we?

If anyone is wondering, this winter I was busy making doll dresses and some other random fashions for Blythe. I am saying at the moment that I am not going to make any more custom dolls for sale. Maybe sometimes one for myself, but I have had a good run, customized maybe 125 dolls for others, and for now that is enough.

That could change, but I feel pretty good about the way my little dress shop is going, so kind of want to just give that a whirl. In the past I have done virtually everything for dolls. Reroots, dyeing fiber for reroots, customizing Blythes, Sad Eyed Susies and other dolls, dresses, hats, goggles, masks, original clothing, and anything that I could think up.

It has gotten so that I just have so much stuff everywhere. I would like to put some of it away and just do one thing for awhile. So, it's dresses for now. They make me happy. It's something I am pretty good at. So, that's that.

Of course, I can never seem to concentrate on any one kind of fashion for very long, so things seem to change day to day. I have gotten so I can make more than 1 of something, but not as often as would be practical. I am inspired by a lot of things, and usually I just like to do whatever comes to me.

For this post, I am just sharing some photos of some of the things I made and sold in my shop over the winter. Hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is bursting into spring madness and that in the southern, you are easing into fall and things are maybe cooling down a bit.

Stay colorful!




  1. Well welcome back! lucky we are face book friends & etsy friends so you haven't really been missing in action at all!

    Aren't I the lucky one to have 2 of your custom girls & quite a bit of your dolly couture

    So pleased you are seeing a little sunshine filter through Cindy, would be very depressing after a while, but gosh the snow makes for such beautiful dolly backgrounds

  2. How much do those dolls cost


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