Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have been a bit possessed by the idea of collaborations lately. My doll group, Art Dolls Only, started an annual traveling doll project http://adotravelingdollproject.blogspot.com/ last year. I decided to join the one for 2010 and can hardly wait to jump in. The main groups are 6 people, each starting their own doll, which is then passed on to each other person in the group to do their magic upon. When the doll has finally passed to the sixth person, it is then returned to the originator. In this group, people have all sorts of skills and talents, and work in a variety of mediums. The possibilities are endless.

Wanting to get my feet wet ahead of time, I contacted a new friend in Michigan, Deena Maurus http://fabbydolls.blogspot.com/. Both she and I are at the moment strictly cloth doll makers, and both, I think, a little intimidated with the idea of working with polymer clay. Quite a lot of the ADO artists sculpt in various clays, painting, glueing, sewing, and all sorts of things as they go. I have little experience with sculpting, other than pinch pots and things like that they get you to struggle along with in college art classes. So, before I was thrown into the fire, so to speak, with a collaboration involving so many different techniques, I asked Deena if she would collaborate on a cloth doll with me just for fun. She agreed and was very enthusiastic (she is always enthusiastic, so the perfect person to collaborate with). She is in the middle of some other things at the moment, so I cannot predict when I will be able to publish her completed work on the doll, but she has tremendous costuming abilities and I am frothing in anticipation. When it is done, she will keep the doll and it will likely be used in some way for one of her charitable works. In any case, here is what I sent her, so that you can see what a cloth doll might look like sans clothing. It is about 20" high, had a metal rod running up one leg that is then screwed into a wooden base. The legs can be bent and posed. Her face is flat and painted. She is quite naked! At the moment, we are calling her "Naked Alien Doll" because she looks quite bizarre. I did try draping ropes over her head to see what she would look like with hair (see above), and I think it is quite a lot better. I also put a feather boa around her face to see what she would look like if she were a snow bunny. I have no idea what Deena will do with her, but I can't wait to see.

The faint of heart should look away right about now :)


  1. Haha, Cindy, you're too funny--"the faint of heart should look away right about now" ! She isn't that scary, in fact she looks pretty with the orange yarn hair. I can't wait to see all the collaborations in their finished state--very neat!


  2. Fantastic! Can't wait to see the finished doll!

  3. Cindy - you are TOO funny!! Although "NAD" is quite an exhibitionist, with the cold weather coming - she is complaining that I need to get her a fur coat - can you imagine? I don't even have a fur coat and it would have to be faux fur anyway.

  4. I was serious, Ivy! It is *quite* scary to see dolls without clothes. Do you remember how crazy the Barbie dolls looked naked?! Dolls without hair AND clothes, well, that is just too traumatic for some! :)

    Thanks, Moriah!

    I think a fur coat would be lovely, Deena. I can't imagine you having that crazy naked doll displayed in your living room! I am sure you will think of something to cover it all up with :)

  5. Cindy...

    That is so cool...Im so excited for this in January...Wow...Ive never done cloth...Now I want to try one...hmmmm

    wow...Im floored thats so cool..


  6. I think I do cloth, Sonia, because it's what I've always done. I don't really know how to sculpt or model or anything like that. I like realism to some degree, and I think clay would be better, but I'm all thumbs in that regard :)