Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Passion for Pastry

A Passion for Pastry

The Queen of Hearts
Devoted to tarts,
She eats them every day.
She dreams of sweets
And delicate treats
They make her heart sashay.
She spends her days
On her velveteen chaise
Cake after cake she'll devour
A pie to her lips
As her heartbeat skips
When passion overrules willpower.

Introducing Charlotte Russe, the Queen of Hearts. She's a sweet little royal with a rather impressive weakness for sweets and other tasty treats. Puddings, pies, tarts and truffles. She can't get enough. She keeps her servants hopping. Her discerning taste allows only the sweetest, most sublime of morsels to pass her lips. Spending her days lolling about on her heart-shaped pink velvet loveseat, silver tongs in one hand for daintily selecting pastries from her silver tray, she rules over her kingdom with her stunning bejeweled scepter in the other hand.

Besides being royal, beautiful, and possessing impeccable tastebuds, she possesses a genetic flaw passed on from her mother, the former Queen of Hearts, Charlotte Royale. The more sweets she eats, the plumper her lips seem to get. It's true! Her figure is flawless. She won't gain a pound. But her lips, pudding filled and sumptuous as they are, just get plumper and plumper as she snacks. We think it's the dollops of whipped cream she attaches to every bite. Whatever the case, she's a lovely girl; the perfect package really.

Her jewels are divine, her dress simply dazzling. She is a perfect work of art idling her days on her pillow-topped lounger. She's a queen, indeed. We hope you will love her as much as we do.

The Queen of Hearts is the flagship doll for a collaboration project between my good friend and silversmith extraordinaire, Amy Taylor and me. We are calling our project Sweet Temptations. Charlotte is the first doll in our collaboration, with the hope that this is just the beginning. We both love Blythe. We both love fine things. We are so excited to be showing off our first collaborative OOAK piece. She's up on Ebay until December 13, 2011.


  1. Oh...this is a doll of my dreams!@! She is beautiful with her perfect red dress..,love the lips...I believe in injectables!!! And scrumptiois SWEETS...DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS....

  2. Thank you, Colleen! YOu are so sweet! I'm going over to check what you are up to! - Cindy