Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Fairies are Coming

Okay, I confess. I am on a tear lately. I have been motivated the past month or so to get dolls done that I had set aside, to get more things in my etsy shop and to be more proactive about promoting and selling what I do have, and to sort of consolidate all my crazy creative wanderings into more of a general focus. I tried my hand at making leather masks, and they actually turned out really nice. Pleased about that.

That got me thinking about forest beings, and what that would be like in Blythe. We have woods galore at my house, and most is very deep woods, with all sorts of rock formations. Vermont is loaded with rocks and often they are very picturesque. So, I took my masks and my Blythes and I ventured out into the woods. There I spent some time taking pictures. Which got me thinking more about fairies.

I decided to start a series of fairy Blythes. They would be woodland dwellers. Sometimes they would don masks and convene. Sometimes they would just be pretty and would be the subject of some nice woodland photos. I finished 2 fairies this past couple weeks. I put them both up in my shop.

I had tried my hand at Ebay, but you know what? To me it seems way too impersonal. People don't use their real name. You don't know who they are. Returns are usually not accepted if you don't like what you buy and so on. In my shop, I can offer layaway and I can make sure people are happy with what they buy. And they can see who I am and what people have to say about what they buy from me.

It feels a lot more intimate to me. I like it a lot better, so there the fairies are. And here they are in photos. The pink girl with the white hair is Shiley. The green girl with the strawberry blonde hair is Briar.

I feel really good about them. All the ateration is done by me. I buy my mohair raw. I wash and dye and card and comb it. I root the scalps myself, in a way that I think makes the hair the prettiest and shows off the mohair to its best potential. I carve and paint the faces. I design and sew the costumes. It's really fun for me to do and it keeps me thinking up new things to make and do. I hope you like them as much as I do! Until next time - hope spring has sprung in your neck of the woods!


  1. I was in you're shop today and fell in love with the pink fairy dress. You make such lovely things!

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate that. - Cindy