Sunday, July 1, 2012


This is Ai-Quen. She is a selkie, which by Celtic legend is a seal who can shed their skin and take human form. Also known as Seal-Fairies or "the Roane." The females shed their seal coat and become beautiful humans once ashore.

The legend says that if a human can capture her skin, the selkie must become wife to the human, but it makes her very sad. If she can find her seal coat, she can return to sea, leaving her husband to cry out for her.

Ai-Quen cannot find her seal coat. She has been very wistful and sad. You can see by her eyes, that she has been crying out for the sea. Poor thing.

Ai Quen is a Monster High Lagoona with a hand-dyed mohair reroot and repaint by me. She has a teal blue dress with netting over top randomly caught in decorative stitching.

This is probably not a doll for everyone, but I actually love this doll about as much as any recent doll I have done. Her fish-face is really attractive to me. Sad, yet amusing at the same time. I like that in a doll. I also love the Celtic selkie legend. I saw a movie a year or 2 back with this theme, and it stayed with me.

Hope you are avoiding the heat, unless heat is your thing, that is :)

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