Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Amelia - A Girl and Her Corgi

This is Amelia. She is my 64th custom girl. Spring is bound to come soon, or at least I am hoping. I dressed her in spring green silk as a gesture of good faith :)

I am a big fan of the color green, but I tend to like very specific greens. Pale greens. Acid green is my favorite color. Chartreuse, lime, spring green, love those. If you add a little bit of gold to green, I like it equally as well. With this doll I gave her fairly bright auburn hair to contrast with the green. I think it makes her stand out. Her eyes are various shades of greens and sometimes I mixed in gold.

This doll has a hair color I love matched with an outfit in the color I love. It's a good combination. I have her up on Ebay for another day. If she doesn't sell, I am tempted to keep her myself. I have been keeping some dolls lately. I don't really need another doll, as I have run out of space, but sometimes there is one that I think I might miss. This might be one of them. Hope spring comes soon!