Sunday, February 24, 2013

Steampunk, Doll-ing

If I had to guess, I would say 3 out of 5 of my clients has asked me for something steampunk. A couple (a few?) years back I did some hats for dolls that were neo-Victorian or steampunk in styling.

Man-styled tophats, victorian lady hats, that sort of thing. I have always dressed my dolls in corsets, and sort of mid-to-late 1800s inspired styling that I have modernized to suit me.

Recently I have more or less embraced the styling entirely and I am trying to put more things in my shop that reflect that. The past week, I made steampunk goggles. They amuse the heck out of me.

I mean, they are entirely fun. They can be worn a number of ways (straight on the face, up on the hair, over hats). They photograph wonderfully, and they are just a whole lot of fun.

I hope to be putting more goggles in my store over time, and some other things that will go nicely with them. If you haven't checked out my store, please do. There might be something that catches your eye.


  1. THESE ARE THE BEST I HAVE SEEN! and superb photos!!! Love these googles@!!!!

  2. Thank you :) Having fun, as usual :)