Friday, November 21, 2014

Evany, Bevany and Lucille

There are 3 new girls in the house today. Cousins Evany (dressed in teal), Bevany (dressed in pink), and their little mouse friend, Lucille (in peachy pink).

These girls are all quite lovely in their fine dresses and crazy matching headwraps.

I spent yesterday and the couple days before fixing up some more furniture to go with them, and have decided I can easily change out the wall paper of their room box when I grow tired of it. So life at the mouse house is good.

I think people are liking these little tinies, because they all seem to be going to live in other towns, in other states, even in other countries. Very pleased about that. I love them, I do. But, I am a country dollmaker. I have to expect that some of the dolls will want to move to the city. Country mouse, city mouse. Hard to decide sometimes.

Hope you are having a lovely end of the week and that the weekend brings many fun things. Stay warm. Stay creative. Always have fun!

XOXO Cindy

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