Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Ladies Men

There are a couple of boys in town this week. Actually, there were 3, but one moved to Australia rather quickly, on short notice. That leaves 2. We have Benjamin the little brown mouse. Very dapper. Very manly, as you can see. We also have Peter the Rabbit (how original, right?), also very dapper, very manly. The deal here is, they are ladies men. Truly. Look at how they are dressed. What else could they be for heaven's sake? There are a couple of ladies still around the mouse house and the boys want to do some dancing. They have been discussing the proper way to get a lady to dance prior to the girls' arrival.

Here come the ladies.

First we have Lucille. She walks in and sits down, pretending not to notice the boys in the corner. She is a lovely little blonde mousie girl. She is quite shy and a bit demure. Benjamin will go first.

"Well, Miss Mousie, would you like to dance?" She turns her head the other way. Benjamin is quite bold. He moves out in front to get her at eye level.

Well, all right. She will dance. Why not? That's what she came for after all.

You'd think she thought of it herself! She is quite smug about the whole thing. After a bit of dancing, Benjamin spots Bernadette. Now it is clear, she is an actress. She is very dramatic seeming and maybe a bit out of his reach. But, it's a dance. He intends to dance with all the ladies.

On the approach, it does seem she has her nose a bit in the air. Not a problem. Benjamin is brave. He will try some sweet talking first. "You are quite lovely, Miss. Care to dance?"

At least she turns towards him. She is considering it. Well, all right. It's a dance. She came to dance. No use trying to play too hard to get. She agrees.

She is not going to take her nose out of the air, though. She has her pride after all.

In the meanwhile, Peter sees Lucille is without partner. It seems that Lucille will be a better candidate anyway. She doesn't seem quite so snooty.

Well, that wasn't too bad. She agreed quite quickly. Peter still has it. He is a ladies man, after all.

Hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving. Do some dancing. it will keep you young!

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  1. Just a perfect story for the critters and photos, as my boy was winging his way to Australia! No doubt chatting up the hostess's in his dapper way!