Monday, December 8, 2014

Mixing it Up

Over the weekend, I decided to try some little animals other than rats, rabbits and mice. I still remain loyal to the rodents, but in the meanwhile, I had fun thinking up what to make.

This is Oscar. He is a brown bear. He is made from a lovely Schulte German rayon. I think some people call it viscose. I like the word rayon, because I am a big fan of the fiber in clothing. I gave Oscar a black silk tuxedo. He is looking quite elegant.

He and Bonnie make a good pair.

Bonnie is friends with Dierdre.

Dierdre is a fox I made from creamy white Schulte German mohair. I dyed it over the body and at the face to give her a foxy look. There is something very sweet about her.

Dierdre is in love with Reginald.

Reginald is playing hard to get. He doesn't think he is the marrying type. He likes to dress in bright clothing and strut his stuff.

Reginald is friends with Felix.

Felix is a cat. A black cat. He is rather debonair. He is wearing a suit even wilder than Reginald.

I am not sure which of the motley crew I like best. I think I remain the hugest fan of the rat girls, but it's nice to mix it up sometimes, to give perspective. All of the animals fit nicely into the 1/12 scale. Having a few different options gives me more room to play, which is what I like to do best. Have a great week, everyone. Stay creative. It's nearly the end of the year. I hope you have a mind to look back on the year fondly.

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