Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What To Do About Elephants

A client asked me recently if I made elephants. I have been busy making little animal dolls as part of my own line of tiny stuffed dolls since November. Rats are my true love, stuffed animal-wise. I really am that odd :) But, actually I have come up with quite a menagerie. I have also made a pair of foxes, a cat, some bears and mice.

Can I make elephants? I wasn't really sure. I started one over the week of Christmas, but didn't like how the trunk came out. Obviously, on an elephant, the trunk is pretty important.

I did a switcheroo with the trunk I had made, and well, that was really all that was necessary. I liked what I had made. That's always a good thing. This little girl is called Teena. She is the same size, body-wise, as the other tinies, so will wear the same clothes.

Since those bodies are not super fat, I gave her kind of a circus dress and bloomers to fill out her look a bit. She has a blue and white striped neck ruff to fill her out even further.

She is made from a lovely cream distressed German mohair. Her limbs and inner ears are a cream and Christmas red polka dot print. Very holiday-esque, but also keeping with the circus type thing that I think of when I think of stuffed elephants.

Okay, so now I make elephants, too :) I really like her. The rats are not overwhelmed by her, because other than her trunk and inner ears, she is just their size. By the way, the bigger elephant and some of the pillows in the photos are from Paula of SweetRedCottage. She makes charming stuffies in a larger size, perfect for cuddling.


  1. Hello ! Beautiful pictures, Happy New Year! >^.^<

    1. Thank you, dolling! Happy New Year to you as well! XOXO Cindy