Sunday, February 28, 2016

O'Malley the Bear

I am marching forward on March 1 with my launch of patterns and tutorials, hoping to get some of you sewing!  First up will be 4 patterns/tutorials all focused around the little bears you see above.  The main pattern/tutorial is called "O'Malley the Bear" - a cute little 5-6" tall bear you can make from mohair or viscose, woolens or velvets.  Every pattern/tutorial is a downloadable PDF (no waiting time - just purchase and download) that contains a list of supplies, tools,clear, detailed step by step instructions loaded with photos so you can follow along easily,

I am starting with the bear, offering 2 different 3-piece clothing set patterns, one for boys, one for girls, and a cute little aviator helmet I designed especially to fit the bears you make.  These clothing patterns will also work for any 5-6" animal you have purchased in my store previously, including the little rats. Tutorials are extensive, so you will feel like you are following right along with me while I sew.

I will also have some hand-dyed mohair in pastel shades kits available for $20 that will include enough mohair for the bear, the glass eyes, the cotter pin/disk joint set, the floss for the nose and 4 buttons for attaching the limbs. Please stop by my etsy store on Tuesday, 3/1/16, and get your creative juices flowing.  You can stay posted on upcoming patterns and tutorials (Blythe doll clothing patterns coming!) on my new FB page of by joining my newsletter - and as a special thanks for signing up, you will receive a link in the confirmation email to download a free O'Reilly the Rat pattern.

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