Sunday, June 10, 2012


Tangerine, Tangerine. Living Reflection from a Dream... - Zeppelin

Okay, I've probably said it 10 times here, but that is my favorite Zeppelin song. It deserves a doll. Meet Tangerine. She is a gorgeous little orange and pink tones girl, formerly a Simply Vanilla (FBL mold) with a Mademoiselle Rosebud scalp. She's a sophisticated girl with a sophisticated layered, below the shoulders hair style, professionally halcut by hal. Completely customized by me. She comes in the beautiful tangerine gown shown. Hair is easy style. Just wet and shake, then finger comb.

That's part of what I wrote when I listed her on Etsy. She got picked up by a groovy gal in Seattle.

The cool thing about this doll is, it's the first doll I have had that I sent out for a haircut. A halcut to be exact. My friend hal (lower case per him) is a hair stylist and colorist by trade, and he has been giving his scissors a workout on the plastic lovelies. The scalp I sent him had been doctored already, not by a hair stylist, and well, I just didn't love it. I also wasn't even sure if the color would suit me. So, I sent the head (no neck, no body, no nothing, just the head) to hal. Why not challenge the guy his first time out, right?

What he sent back is really a work of art, and it's nothing I have seen before on Blythe. I am thrilled. I love the styling and now I love the color. It just seems to go together. The groovy gal in Seattle is going to get a wonderful doll. It's the same kind of hair style you would expect to receive yourself from a professional salon. It looks gorgeous on her. Just shake and go. For me, this is giving mohair (my former love) a run for its money. And that's saying a lot.

The rest on this doll by me. The usual: Handpainted eyechips, silk gown, carving here and there, new makeup, new lashes. Especially loving her eyelids. All in all, very happy with this doll. I think she is a looker. You'll have to let me know what you think. More dolls to come. I have been customizing with a vengeance, just not enough time to show them off. Stay tuned. Oh, and thanks, hal! :)