Friday, June 15, 2012

Violet for Suki

Meet Suki. She is a custom mohair root Blythe doll I finished last week. She was formerly a Prairie Posie, who looked nothing like this, but that was how she started. The hair took me forever for some reason. I really like how it came out. The color and tonality turned out beautifully. I was planning to use this hair for a doll for myself, but decided I don't really need more dolls. I actually need to sell more dolls :) If you are into dolls, you learn quickly it can be quite a hoarding hobby. There seems to be always just one more doll that you want, and then everything would be lovely. Until you see the next doll you want!

For Suki I used all violet and gold tones. For her eye chips, for her costume. I wanted her to have royal colors, even though I dressed her more simply. She has a cotton patterned skirt suit with a cute little big button jacket. I gave her a violet silk velvet vest and scarf to punch up the color. Orange and purple are complementary colors, so they tend to stand out together. And even though this is not orange, gold is close enough to make the 2 colors pop. I love that.

Hope you are keeping up with your doll collecting :) Hope the weather is favorable. Keep on playing with dolls. It keeps us young!


  1. Thank you, Jean. Purple is kind of a fun color for me lately. Not sure why. But I am liking.