Sunday, July 22, 2012

Venus Mantrap

Meet Venus. She is a custom repaint/reroot of a Monster High Operetta. As Venus, she entices men by her beauty and entraps them in her voluminous hair. Unfortunately, she eats them for breakfast. Her favorite plant, no surprise, is the Venus Flytrap. She respects a plant that works for its food. She is not trying to be evil. It is just her nature. She actually feels quite sad about her "gift," but, a girl's gotta eat.

This is a custom doll I did a month or 2 ago. Time seems to be getting away from me and I can't actually remember! It has since gone to someone in New York, but I wanted to put up pictures before I forgot about her.

These Monster High dolls are really fun to do. I have had time lately mostly only for Blythe, since I started a custom list, but I hope to eventually get back to doing a few more Monster High dolls. They are really fun. And SO bendy.

This girl's hair is hand-dyed shades of pink and burgundy, with natural, undyed silver blond mixed in. It is yearling mohair and very soft. It has been rooted into her scalp and hand-knotted on the inside. It has been washed and conditioned and allowed to dry in long curly waves. I really like how this hair turned out. It is really lush and I think it goes well with her story.

I did her up in a little acid green silk/rayon velvet and silk twill hand-dyed short dress with green tulle edging at decolletage, and a sleeveless burgundy velour jacket with silk organza edging. I altered a pair of the Egyptian girl, Cleo's sandals and gave her those. I think they work.

I can't believe we are already so far into summer! Aaaack! Where does the time go. I feel like I am working nonstop, which is good, but there isn't enough time to do all the things I need to do. The yard is a shambles. So is the house! I have simply put blinders on and keep on making dolls :) Hope you are having a good dry, warm spell and staying cool enough to be comfortable!