Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lilibeth - A Girl and Her Bunny

I started a series of Blythe girls last week I am calling A Girl and Her Pet. I have been collecting Blythe dolls and Littlest Pet Shop pets for about the same length of time. Since early 2010. I like them both. I think in some ways they go together. Hasbro agrees, as they did the tiny little Blythes with the pets. I like the big girls with the pets, too. Both sets have big eyes. I like that.

My first girl, as was in my last blog post, was called A Girl and Her Chinchilla. Girl number 2 is called A Girl and Her Bunny. She makes me smile. She has a really cool color of mango alpaca hair that I dyed up and rerooted. Her outfit is a pale turquoise blue, which I love. Those 2 colors together, to me, are very vibrant and fun. She, of course, has a Littlest Pet Shop pet. This time a bunny named Barley. I put her up on Ebay yesterday. She will be there through Friday.

Lilibeth has been completely customized by me. She was treated with loving care and careful attention to detail. The base doll is a Takara Blythe RBL Nicky Lad. I rerooted her scalp in a lovely hand-dyed mango suri alpaca. It is done in a layered cut, with the longest length to her finger tips. It is straight and shiny, incredibly soft, with a side part. Gorgeous.

Her face has been sandmatted, nostrils, philtrum and lips carved, and carefully painted with acrylic and chalk pastels, with dramatic painted lower lashes. Her eyelids are a shiny turquoise blue with purple, peach, silver and turquoise sparkly glitter.

She has been given sleep eyes with 2 pullcords (pale blue cotton floss, braided for strength, with 2 charms that are photos of Lilibeth encased in heavy domed glass in round, shiny silver-tone metal frames. She was given new lashes.

Her lips are a peachy pink with a bit of a pouty look. They are glossed. She has dramatic lower black painted lashes. She has 3 sets of handpainted eye chips to match her color scheme (2 different blues, 1 peach) and 1 set of pale blue stock chips. Her face has been carefully sealed with MSC flat UV-cut sealant.

All clothing and accessories for Lilibeth, with the exception of her over-the-knee white stockings and plastic boots, were designed and constructed by me. Fabrics were hand-dyed, cured and laundered for a soft, vintage feel. Her little pet rabbit is a purchased plastic Littlest Pet Shop pale orange rabbit. For her dress I wanted something with a vintage feel, a soft hand, something in pale turquoise blue. Short, short-sleeved hand-dyed silk/rayon crushed velvet wrap dress, in palest turquoise blue.

Crushed velvet bodice, silk crepe silk skirt with habatoi silk underskirt. Ties at front for an open look. Lilibeth can be dancing with the stars in this little dress. Or perhaps just out for a stroll with her little rabbit, Barley, or maybe an afternoon party, or a walk in the park. Fun,flirty, feminine and sexy, comfortable, always versatile. Retro yet modern.

Lacy, flirty, ruffled nylon lace underskirt with an elastic waist, gives the dress a bit of nostalgic flare. White over-the-knee stocking and below knee orange plastic boots, with a turquoise velvet scarf, knotted at ends.

A hand-dyed turquoise silk/rayon velvet shoulder satchel, lined in silk charmeuse, with a flap front and shoulder strap. Has a hand-rolled silk/peach flower at front with pearl bead center. Perfect for carrying her little pet, or just used as a shoulder bag for carrying other things.

Her under things include a white lacy long-line bra top that is see-through with her little dress, and white silk charmeuse bloomers.

A lovely peachy 2-tone wool felt tiny topper with little flower accents and pearl bead centers, made especially for Blythe. Extremely romantic, entirely classic. Fully lined. Designed and constructed by me. Has a hair clip sewn underneath to secure to head. I use traditional millinery techniques.


  1. I love your customs! I love the red chips --
    she is so pretty in every way! cute little bunny!!! :)

  2. Thank you, Jean. Bunnies are good, right? :)