Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spanish Dancing Rats

I have a bit of an imagination, if you didn't already know. So, I was thinking about spanish dancers. Well, dancers of any kind. But, I wanted some fancy dresses for the rat girls, and, that was the image that came to my mind.

I made 4 Spanish dancing rats for my etsy listing this week.

Their names all rhyme, because of course they must. I have Sabrina, Josephina, Katina and Irena.

I gave them hand-dyed silk charmeuse dresses. Some with lace, all a little different. I love the shades of salmon pink, lavender, aqua and cerulean blue. So pretty.

I really am having too much fun. I got some new chests of drawers in dollhouse scale in the mail this week. I want to spend some of the weekend re-finishing them. Haven't decided how I want them yet. They are kind of old and ratty (well, of course!), but have nice lines. We will see if I do and what I come up with. I also want to make another room box, but this time out of art board. Not sure how that will come out. I will let you know. Hope your week is wonderful and you are staying warm and staying creative. XOXO Cindy


  1. I have indeed fallen down a big rabbit hole! Of your making! Temptress!
    Love, love, love your delightful wee mohair critters, my French hare Rita Mae in her fluffy froufrou dress and Jessamine the Rat arrived safely, a bit hungry as all the carrots & cheese had been devoured enroute obviously as not even a crumb left, but I was of course prepared on their arrival!

    Every little feature is just exquisite Cindy a real labour of love indeed from you to make, from the wee vintage buttons on the outsides of each of their limbs, the moveable heads! & their glass eyes & the tiny Swarovski crystal noses!
    Little works of art, I can't thank you enough xox

    1. Thank you, doll-ing. I am so happy you are on board! :)

  2. So darling and creative! Love their names.