Friday, June 1, 2012

More Fun With Mohair - PINK!

Bride of Frankenstein? No, that's just Pinkk, a mohair custom Blythe I finished a couple weeks ago for my friend, Jean Yates. I took that picture before washing and combing out her hair and it struck my husband that she looked like the Bride of Frankenstein. In the next photos you will see her with her hair coiffed more neatly :)

Awhile back, when I first thought I wanted to do more Blythe customizing, Jean sent me a bunch of dolls that she had around and wanted spiffing up. The agreement we had was that for every 2 dolls she sent, she would keep one and I would keep the other. So far I have done 3 sets of dolls like that, calling them all part of the "Serendipity Clan." Jean has 3, I have the other 3. Jean loves pink, and so out of 2 dolls, 1 pink, 1 purple, it is not surprising she picked the pink haired one. It is also not that surprising that she named her Pinkk :)

I'm really happy with how she came out. The pink dye job I gave her is quite variegated and the tonality is that it is lighter on the top and moves out to more vibrant as you get to the tips. I love that look. She has quite a lot of hair, and so it is wilder than some like it, but I love a lot of hair, and it has become just sort of the way I do things. The mohair is kid mohair, so is soft as a bunny, which makes having a lot of it quite desirable to me.

One feature of Pinkk that I am especially pleased with is her eyelids. I had in mind sort of cherry blossoms dropping off the trees. I am really happy with how they came out. I gave her a natural look in lashes rather than going uber glamorous and some freckles. I think the look suits her.

I am having a ton of fun customizing dolls and making costumes for them. I am way way way behind on my blogging and have a lot more to show you, from Monster High dolls that I have done to clothes that I have got for them as well. I will try to get to that sometime this weekend or next week. The hair is taking so long to do, that I just get more and more behind every doll I pick up! Pleased with the results, but who knew it could take so long?!

In the meantime, I turned 50 (!!) a week or so ago. I almost can't believe that. Where does the time go? A friend years back (who was 60 when I was 20) told me that when you get this age you don't feel any different than you did at 20 (true, for me anyway), but you look in the mirror and say, "who is that and what have they done with my body and face?!" I think that is probably true as well :) But, time marches on, and it's what it is. Don't think I will be the one to find the cure to aging. In the meantime I am happy playing with dolls, and imagine I will still be at 90. Wonder what the dolls will look like then?!

Hope you are having a warm spring wherever you are. We have had some lovely days in Vermont. It is in the 60s this week, and not humid, so can't really complain. Would love the 70s, but then the humidity comes, so this is okay for now. Enjoy!


  1. OMG I love the pinkness !!!!
    Cindy, you continue to amaze me <3
    I want to do my dolls hair pink. Does the whole face and head need to come off ?? or can one just take the top part off?

  2. I love your photos of Pinkk, and I am loving her!
    Every doll which you have customized for me has been amazing. I had NO idea what we were getting into when we started this but I have to say that I think I got the best part of the deal!!! I will send you back Pinkk if you really miss her...but otherwise, like Hope, and Reason, she is absolutely keeping my passion for Blythes in all their glorious beauty growing ever more strongly! Happy Birthday!!! I think you give others so much! I think your special talent and gift is to show people the beauty which is around them, through what you do. love and xox jean

  3. Looks great mate! I love working reroots with mohair more than any other fibre!

  4. Ava - you can't really just take the top off, because the hair is attached to the dome, which is attached to the faceplate with a screw and t-bar. I mean, conceivably you *could*, but then you would have to figure out a way to jam the new scalp or the rerooted scalp into the dome. I haven't tried that. They aren't hard to open (with the exception of SBLs, which can be quite difficult in some cases) and you would probably do a better job if you took her apart.

  5. Thank you, Jean! I wouldn't think I would want her back :)

    Thank you, Sandi!